The last session of the eighth parliament is set to be officially opened this Tuesday (tomorrow) amid indications that more pieces of legislation will be aligned to the new constitution.

A number of people are seen at parliament building sprucing up the vicinity while others are setting up the sitting arrangements for those that will grace the garden area of parliament.

In an interview Clerk of Parliament Mr Kennedy Chokuda said it is all systems go for the official opening of the 5th session of the 8th parliament.

The alignment of laws to the new constitution will dominate the fifth session considering it will be the last session of the 8th parliament said Mr Chokuda.

The 4th session of the eighth parliament saw a number of bills coming to the August house and a number of them have been signed into law. 

The 5th session will see more bills coming through to ensure the alignment of laws with the new constitution reaches 100 percent.