bags of fertilisers 2 -04-08-10.jpgSeed and fertiliser houses have started stocking inputs for the 2010-11 agricultural season in a bid to avoid delaying the start of the farming season.
The assurance by seed and fertiliser houses comes at a time when farmers have started preparations for the forthcoming farming season which begins in two months time.


Seed Producers Association Chairman, Mr Temba Nkatazo said seed houses have increased production in the past two years and expressed optimism the sector will not encounter challenges in the coming season.


“I am very confident that definitely as an industry we have enough seed,” said Mr Nkatazo.


In the past farming seasons the shortage of inputs which include fertiliser has been blamed for poor harvest hence the need for the sector to plan ahead.


Chemplex Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Mr Misheck Kachere said considering the rate at which they are producing fertilisers, the country is less likely to face shortages.


bags of fertilisers 04-08-10.jpg“We have an excess of 70 thousand tones of fertilisers and we are producing at the rate of between 25 thousand and 30 thousand tonnes of compounds fertilisers a month so we really have stock and we do not think we will have any shortages this year,” said Mr Kachere.


Over the years farmers have been failing to access inputs on time despite several assurances from producers on the availability of all inputs required for the success of the agricultural seasons.