cdes nhema and gumbo.jpgThe Zanu-PF National Organising Committee for the forthcoming 11th National People’s Conference which will take place in Mutare next week says they are happy with the preparations and that all is set for the meeting. 

Zanu-PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumbo outlined some of the topics that will come up for discussion during the conference.

Some of the areas of focus include the political situation in the country, the inclusive government, and how to proceed with the agreement, the constitution making process, the referendum and the state of the economy.

The conference takes place in the wake of wikileaks revelations regarding the activities of the United States embassies in some countries including Zimbabwe where former Ambassador Christopher Dell openly explains how the mission was working with theMDC-T and non-governmental organisations to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.


Cde Gumbo said members of his party are disgusted with the revelations of the double standards exhibited by the MDC-T.

However, he said the reports have exonerated Zanu-PF which has been telling the world that the MDC-T is not a Zimbabwe-driven party but has foreign interests.

He explained that the conference will be preceded by Politburo and Central Committee meetings in Harare before delegates travel to Mutare on Thursday.

A musical gala will be held on Thursday evening before the opening of the conference on Friday.

This year’s National People’s Conference is being held under the theme, “Total control of our resources through indigenisation and empowerment”.