sean akon gig.jpgIt was a memorable night for thousands of music fans who witnessed one of the grand shows to be staged in the country as Sean Paul and Akon gave an impressive performance at the National Sports Stadium.


Tens of thousands of music lovers thronged the giant stadium to witness one of the best shows hosted in the country by Zimswag. 

Dancehall king, Sean Paul took some music followers down the memory lane as he sang the reggae song, “Zimbabwe”, while waving the county’s flag.


The song was written and performed first in 1980 by the late reggae icon, Bob Marley on the eve of Zimbabwe’s independence celebrations.


Rhythm and Blues maestro, Akon mesmerized the crowd when he showcased his crowd-surfing styles beginning with his performance when he went on stage in a balloon.


Akon, who described the crowd as beautiful, requested the stadium lights to be lit, however the amazing crowd was quick to react with provisional lights as some turned on their cell phone lights and cigarette lighters after the authorities failed to switch on all the stadium flood lights.


Akon and Sean Paul expressed their happiness to be in the country, adding that they will always be happy to be invited back to Zimbabwe.


”Zimbabwe, this is a beautiful crowd, I want to see the beautiful people,” said Akon. 


Meanwhile, Akon and Sean Paul left Zimbabwe on Sunday.


After the successful hosting of the show hopes are high that more top profile artists will stage more concerts in the country and put straight the record that Zimbabwe is a peace-loving nation with beautiful people.