vp nkomo and ethiopian ambassador 02-11-11.pngThe Ethiopian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr Koang Dung says Zimbabwe’s aviation industry can draw lessons from his country’s own airline which has managed to run its business successfully and competitively. 

Two ambassadors accredited to Zimbabwe, the Ethiopian Ambassador, Dr Koang Dung and the Republic of Korea’s Ambassador, Lew Kwang-Chul paid courtesy calls on Vice President John Landa Nkomo at his Munhumutapa Offices in Harare.

Speaking to journalists after a closed door meeting with Cde Nkomo, Dr Dung said Zimbabwe has a comparative advantage over Ethiopia in such areas as education, tourism and mining and Ethiopia also has some advantages in other areas like aviation which Zimbabwe can benefit from.

“We have a comparative advantage in aviation and this is an experience we can share with Zimbabwe,” said Dr Dung.

For the last seven years, Ethiopia’s economy, which is powered by agriculture, has been growing at an average of 11% GDP per annum.

vp nkomo and korea republic ambassador 02-11-11.pngEarlier on, Cde Nkomo held a closed door meeting with Ambassador Lew Kwang-Chul of the Republic of Korea.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Ambassador Kwang-Chul said his discussion with Cde Nkomo centred mainly on the official opening ceremony of the Agricultural Machinery Centre that was constructed by the Koreans.

The Republic of Korea has continued to develop close relations with Zimbabwe since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1994.

In November 2007, a Korean private company and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe launched a bio-diesel plant, which was the first in the region.