mock drill1 05.08.10.jpgThe Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) on Thursday held a mock drill to ascertain the levels of emergency preparedness and response systems in the various units that are expected to assist in a plane or hijacking situation.



The drill was rehearsed in the form of a hijacking.


Assistant Commissioner Canaan Mugumira, who is responsible for operations in Harare Province confirmed that the mock exercise is a normal drill that is required by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.


“Civil aviation authorities are expected to carry out this exercise after every two years to check their preparedness levels,” he said.
Apart form checking the Civil Aviation Staff Fire Brigade Security Agency response, the exercise is also aimed at checking the preparedness of hospitals in an emergency situation.


The preliminary assessment revealed that the exercise was a success as most of the units responded swiftly.


mock drill 3 05.08.10.jpgThe CAAZ Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Chawota reassured the nation that the airports in the country are safe and running.


He said programmes are in place to maintain high safety standards.
Mr Chawota confirmed the country has adequate and up to standard airspace management systems and airlines using the airspace are confident of the safety.


The drill attracted lots of attention from both the local and international media with some reporting that there has been a plane crash at the airport.


Meanwhile, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has come under heavy criticism for not verifying facts about the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe before giving remarks.


Analysts who spoke to ZBC news noted that this affirms the long-held belief that the British have always had sinister agendas against Zimbabwe to a point of reporting a routine safety drill as an accident.


bbc 05.08.10.jpgThe BBC quoted its own so called correspondent in Zimbabwe, Brian Hungwe as having been at the airport when the so called accident occurred.


He is said to have seen a large plume of smoke and helicopters over the runway.


The incident was affirmed by analysts as last resort of desperation to continue peddling lies and false hoods on the state of affairs in Zimbabwe with many wondering why the journalist rushed to inform his bosses as far as Britain in a space of minutes.

The British are known of having a sharp appetite of criticizing Zimbabwe’s media laws and today’s incident  left them with an egg on the face following the peddling  of  falsehoods  by its  correspondent.


One wonders if the simple and basic journalism ethics still apply within the BBC but the biggest question is why did Brian Hungwe have the audacity to openly lie to his masters about the mock plane crash exercise and expect to walk scot free.