gmb 04-08-10.jpgAgro bills, which were floated by government to raise money to pay farmers for their maize deliveries, are reported to have matured in a move that is expected to rake in over US$25 million to settle farmers’ outstanding dues.

The battle between farmers and the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) over payment of maize deliveries may soon come to an end with reports indicating that agro-bills meant for raising cash to pay farmers have received overwhelming response.

GMB General Manager, Mr Albert Mandizha urged farmers not to panic as the bills floated by the Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) to mobilise outstanding balance for maize delivered are reported to have matured.

Since the start of the marketing season, GMB has received US$34 million from the treasury which it used to pay for over 122 000 tonnes of the grain delivered by July last year.

The parastatal requires about US$26 million to pay an outstanding 90 000 tonnes of maize delivered at various depots countrywide.

Contacted for comment about the agro bills, AMA Chief Executive, Mr Rockie Mutenha said he is still on holiday and can only comment sometime next week.