Agriculture diversification is paying dividends for a macadamia Chipinge farmer who has a great vision to expand his rabbit breeding and poultry projects in the district.

With government now emphasizing on productivity in farms in order to improve food security, diversification is one strategy farmers can employ to generate more revenue and maximize on production.

One of the leading macadamia farmers, Mr Tafadzwa Chibaya said due to high demand for rabbit meat, he has started an ambitious diversification programme as he targets to reach at least 6 000 rabbits within a year.

Mr Chibaya said rabbit production is less expansive to run yet it is an area that has not attracted the attention of most farmers despite offering alternative business opportunities.

“The rate at which rabbits multiply makes their production lucrative especially in view of the growing demand of the meat in the country,” he said.

Mr Chibaya who has also ventured into poultry production boasting of thousands of birds that include broilers, road runners and layers said the shortage of eggs in Chipinge with the district depending on imports from other areas makes poultry production a lucrative and brisk business.

“With less production of eggs in the district, Chipinge is depending on eggs from other areas that include Harare yet there is a capacity to boost their production locally,” added the farmer.

For Chibaya, a farmer can start from a small beginning to be well established if efforts are made to diversify and invest into farming.