The community of Sengezani in Gwanda that was severely affected by the invasive cactus rosea plant has made strides in eradicating the dangerous weed with agricultural activity now back in full swing.

At least 600 hectares of land had been invaded by the cactus rosea plant in 2013 in Sengezeni area in Gwanda resulting in the reduction of pastures and agricultural land. 

The Intervention of the Environmental Management Agency which provided technical expertise and tools to rid the area of 420 hectares of the cactus rosea saved the community from being displaced.

As part of efforts to empower the previously disadvantaged community EMA and a non-governmental organisation Amalima have provided fencing material and equipment for the establishment of a solar powered irrigation scheme in the area.

The guest of honour at the official handover of the community project, Gwanda’s assistant district administrator Mr Thulani Moyo urged the beneficiaries to fully utilise the project to avert hunger and poverty while the rural district council wants the beneficiaries to jealously guard the infrastructure.

The occasion also saw the handover of another scheme funded by EMA and Amalima to Gumbira community which was involved in stream bank cultivation along Sengezane river.

This is meant to encourage proper and environmentally friendly farming.  

The occasion also saw delegates planting trees at the Bandani scheme.