As the government intensifies efforts to return Zimbabwe to its breadbasket status, a school for training farmers in the use of advanced hi-tech farming equipment has been opened in Chinhoyi.

The institution, which is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe, teaches farmers how to use mechanised agricultural implements.

Stakeholders in the agricultural sector have applauded the opening of the institution as it helps farmers to acquire knowledge of using farming implements effectively and efficiently.

An agronomist, Mr Evan Craig said the institution is of paramount importance to the agriculture sector especially at this time when the government has already rolled out the mechanisation programme.

Mechanical engineering expert, who is the CEO of the institution, Mr Fauzil Materia said farmers need to be knowledgeable of various farm technological implements in order to move with technology hence the need for them to be educated.

The school has state of the art teaching facilities which will equip students on both theory and practical lessons for free.