farm mechanisation.jpgThe government of the Republic of Korea has pledged to continue supporting Zimbabwe’s agricultural mechanisation programme to ensure equitable and sustainable development of the country’s economy.

The Republic of Korea Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Jae-Hak Oh says the introduction of new technology in Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector will play a key role in restoring the region’s breadbasket‘s status.

Mr. Oh said Zimbabwe can draw lessons from the Republic of Korea which transformed itself from a war-torn poor country with a per capita income of $79 per person in 1960 to surpass $20 000 in 2007.

He attributed the transformation to the introduction of new skills in the agricultural sector.

He said this at the commissioning of the construction of the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Centre at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Hatcliffe.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, Dr Joseph Made paid tribute to the Republic of Korea government for its commitment in boosting the country’s agricultural industry by constructing the equipment testing centre.

When completed, the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Centre will offer quality assessment tests for all imported farming machinery and equipment.

The Zimbabwean government will be responsible for the casting of the slab and foundation, while the Republic of Korea government will fund the construction of the super structure, supply equipment for the testing centre, training of key personnel and offer 21 vehicles to be used at the centre.