Stakeholders in the tourism sector say there is need for innovative and aggressive methods to market the country to new and emerging markets if Zimbabwe is to regain its position as one of Africa’s premier tourist destination.

A decade of sanctions, travel warnings and intense negative publicity by the western media took its toll on Zimbabwe’s tourism industry.

With the economy showing signs of positive growth, it is now incumbent upon players in the sector to adopt new marketing strategies that suit the times.

Zimbabwe has world class tourist destination, giving value for money and if the right chord is struck, the country will regain its status as the jewel of Africa due to the country’s unlimited natural beauty and the incomparable hospitality of its people.

victoria_falls.jpgThe sight of tourists trooping from outside the country and scrambling to get a glimpse of the mighty waters that thunder at Victoria Falls or the mystery and wonder of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe as well as to explore other tourist destinations has given hope the country’s tourism sector is on course for rapid recovery.

However, Zimbabwe has for a long time remained content with existing tourist attraction centres and products developed decades ago.

Stakeholders in the tourism sector believe it is high time all concerned parties adopt aggressive and innovative ways to increase tourism inflows from both the domestic and international market.

Shear Water Spokesperson, Clemence Mkwasi says there is need to carry aggressive campaigns to market destination Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Council of Tourism President, Mr Emmanuel Fundira is calling for both government and commercial banks to unveil funds to recapitalise the sector so that it meets international standards.

Tourists who spoke to ZBC News in Victoria Falls, commended Zimbabwe as a safe and friendly destination that needs to be marketed well to the present and emerging markets.

Tourism and hospitality Industry Minster, Cde Walter Mzembi said the issue of system delays at border posts and airports including the Victoria Falls Airport is a cause for concern and called on players to partner government in making the country’s entry points friendlier and faster.

Zimbabwe has embarked on several programmes to increase investor confidence in the country and market the country as a safe tourist destination.

The abundance and variety of the country’s wildlife and its natural attractions could as well make it Africa’s premier tourist destination if improvements in infrastructure are made.