In order for one to come up with an African vase, one needs to acquire a certain mastery of fine art.

This is evident in some pieces of works by some Harare men who ply their trade along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare.

As one passes in Harare along Herbert Chitepo Avenue, one is bound to be attracted by some huge and beautiful African vases.

As you approach the vases, two men Luckmore Drau and Tichaona Dick will be in the process of putting some final touches to these beautiful artifacts.

By simply using a thread, khakhi papers, cardboard box, glue and reeds, the two are able to come up with eye-catching pieces of art.

The market for the vases is readily available for the two as most motorists who use this road stop by.

In most African countries, these art works usually tell life stories in a society.