african union logo.jpgThe African communities have been challenged to increase their share on the global market by improving their competitive advantage and embarking on sustainable development initiatives while at the same time utilising the natural resources for the benefit of the continent.

The comments which were made by stakeholders on the local industry comes at a time the continent  is commemorating Africa Day, a day which affords Africans a chance to reflect of socio-economic challenges and achievements.

Business Consultant Mr. Lovemore Matipira said with the primary OAU’s objective of getting rid of the remaining vestiges of colonialism being achieved the continent should fully take control of its abundant economic resources and ensure broad based economic empowerment.

“It is time for the continent to take full control of its resources for the development of the continent. While Africa has over the years been a net exporter we need to reverse that trend and ensure value addition on our products,”said Mr. Matapira

Some observers also cited the on-going battle for the control of Zimbabwe diamonds as the unfortunate neo-colonial tendencies by the former colonisers which have seen the Western world trying to control the continent’s resources and denying the continent to benefit from its resources. 

Business Consultant Mr. Willie Ganda said for the continent to achieve economic growth there is need for human capital development through promotion of capacity building initiatives.

“Locals are still to fully benefit from the resources. Most Africans still live below the poverty datum line and the per capita levels are still low compared to those obtaining in the developed world,”added Mr. Ganda

As the continent celebrates Africa Day, Zimbabwe which gained its Independence on the 18, April 1980 has a lot of economic achievements to reflect on including the successful land reform programme and the on-going economic empowerment initiatives which has seen the previously disadvantaged local people claiming their space in the development of the economy.