africanunion.jpgToday Zimbabwe joins the rest of other African nations in commemorating 47th anniversary of Africa Day.


Africa Day is commemorated every year on the 25th of May, since 1963, in line with the decision taken by African Heads of State to bring into existence, for the first time, a continent-wide space of unity and concentration by signing the Charter of the Organisation of African Unity in Addis Ababa. 



A person across Africa celebrates the day of the African Union, (AU), which is the successor of the Organisation of African Unity, (OAU) formed in 1963, to spearhead the decolonisation of the continent.
The day challenges Africans to share the vision that was espoused by Ghana’s Founding President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, in Addis Ababa, 47 years ago, when he said Africa should marshal all its resources for the service of indigenous people.


Botswana’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mrs Gladys Gogore said Africa must strive to feed itself and remain united, to ensure a peaceful and secure continent.


2010 Africa Day commemorations  are being held under the theme “Promoting Peace through Sports”.