libya bombarded.jpgPolitical analysts say Africa must derive lessons from goings on in Libya where the West and its allies are resorting back to old habits of occupying countries with vast resources with the aim of plundering the resources to build their economies.


Reports are now emerging that the British government backed the invasion of Libya by NATO forces for the sole aim of benefitting from the vast oil reserves in the country.

Barely a month after the death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the British government has announced that its role in invading Libya will bring it profits of around 200 billion pounds through contracts to rebuild the country.

Political analyst, Cde Chris Mutsvangwa says Africa has to learn from the Libyan lesson that the West is not a Good Samaritan.

He added that if Africans are not careful, they will wake up one day to realize that the continent has been re-colonised.

Whenever the West targets a country to occupy it for its resources, issues of human rights are fronted to hoodwink the whole world into believing that an invasion is a better solution, says another analyst, Cde Goodson Nguni.

While the world was made to believe that Britain and France were coming to the rescue of Libyans who were allegedly being tormented by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, for the West, it was a purely business venture to prevent a recession.

After investing about 300 million pounds in the Libyan war, the UK department of trade and investment announced that the British government could enjoy profits of up to 200 billion pounds gained from contracts to rebuild Libya.

Britain was among the first governments to launch strikes on oil-rich Libya, and now the same country has announced plans to secure British companies lucrative contracts to rebuild the country.

The same countries that were responsible for tearing apart Libya are the very same ones who now scrambling to fill their pockets.