Africa boasts of vast resources to the extent  that it can still explore the resources for the benefit of its citizens without depending on western powers who to some huge extent have political, economic and social hidden agendas.

Experts say Africa’s socio-economic achievements now hinges on the need to avoid reliance from the western powers or developed economies.

Statistics from the African Union Department of Financial Research indicate Africa’s population is hovering at one billion people with a yearly gross domestic product (gdp) of US$1 trillion.

While the continent also boasts of a diversified resources base, good climatic conditions, an economist Dr Gift Mugano says the growth of Africa now depends on close cooperation.

The AU data shows that 70 percent of Africa’s population is dominated by youths who also provide a ready system for labour, capital and consumption with a political analyst Mr Costa Anjos saying focus should be towards avoiding the influence of western powers in Africa.

But taking into account that Africa accounts for only two percent of the global trade systems, an economist Mr Zack Murerwa says a workable industrialisation policy can solve the current dependency syndrome.

While some African states have made progress in social, economic, scientific, technological and cultural developments, the need to reduce dependency from the developed economies, focus on integration of states, and creating a platform of industrial growth is key to solving poverty.