anc celebrations.jpgAs Africa joins the ANC of South Africa in commemorating its centenary celebrations, some luminaries in the countries liberation struggle who had joint operations with Umkonto-we-Siswe said the alliance they forged with their South African counterparts was written in blood and can never be broken.

A member of the High Command of the Joint Operations between ZIPRA and Umkonto-we-Siswe, Cde Abraham Nkiwane who worked closely with Commander of the Joint Operations, Cde Joe Modise said the joint operations helped in breaking the Zambezi blockade which was jointly mounted  by the Rhodesia Front and apartheid forces of South Africa.

Cde Nkiwane said the Zambezi blockade was meant to ward off military intervention in Zimbabwe which was seen as an advantage to the Umkonto-we-Siswe.

He said the apartheid regime feared that the Umkonto-we-Sizwe forces would create military bases in Zimbabwe with a view to launch attacks on South Africa.

Cde Nkiwane said the major joint operations that the two liberation forces waged include battles in Hwange, which was the northern front.

The northern front was jointly commanded by JD Dube.

Cde Dube was later captured together with Cde Chris Hani of Umkonto-we-Siswe.