francis nhema. 01-11-10 jpg.jpgGovernment will not allow today’s benefits that destroy the environment to continue at the expense of future generations.

This was said by the Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister, Cde Francis Nhema on the Africa Environment Day commemorations where he revealed that government will use all strategies to ensure everyone complies with national statutory requirements that protect the environment.

Officially opening the one-day seminar to mark this year’s Africa Environment Day commemorations, Cde Nhema stressed that government will not continue to watch the current status core where individuals and companies are destroying the environment but will take appropriate action to enable future generations to benefit.

“As government we promise to play our part and all Zimbabweans should join in government’s efforts to ensure that Zimbabwe goes green and attains a green economy,” he said.

Cde Nhema challenged every Zimbabwean company to start taking corrective measures by going green to ensure a sustainably managed economy.

Africa Environment Day commemorations now known as ‘Waangari Maathai Day’ was set aside by African Heads of State and Government in 2002 to create and raise awareness on the need to protect the environment on the African continent.

The commemorations which fall on the 3rd of March every year were this year held under the theme: ‘Greening the economy, play your part.’