african union logo.jpgAnalysts say the continent has a lot to celebrate ahead of this year’s Africa Day commemorations though admitting that a lot needs to be done to counter the undue influence of imperialist forces.

The 25th of May marks Africa Unity Day.

This is the day the whole of Africa commemorates the liberation of the continent from colonial bondage.

With only a week to go before the commemorations are held across the continent, political analyst, Ambassador Amos Midzi says Africa has so much to celebrate, but advised African leaders to go back to the drawing board and think in line with the founding fathers.

“Africa is now faced with increasing arrogance from the West and the Unipolar world is a challenge. There is need to review where we stand and act collectively,” Ambassador Midzi said.

Another political analyst, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa said Africa is faced with exciting times in the economic arena as new resources are being discovered every now and then.

He however said there is need to stand firm and be proactive in defending the sovereignty of the continent.

“We are celebrating a lot and the economic forum has so much potential. We have to stand firm and make the colonial forces to pay a higher price. We need to arm ourselves to react to outside forces,” he said.

There have been calls for the Africa Union to stand firm and be prompt in decision making as the body appears to be taking long to deal with the crisis that are in the continent such as in Cote d’lvoire and Libya.