Africa hopes to clinch the post of UNWTO Secretary General this Friday (today) in Madrid as 33 nations converge to choose the best man to spearhead the transformation of the world tourism sector in the next four years.

Africa’s sole candidate, Dr Walter Mzembi will now battle it out with five other candidates for the world’s biggest tourism post.

It is only hours before the make or break elections for the post of UNWTO Secretary General now pitting five candidates following the last minute withdrawal of Seychelles form the race and Africa stands convinced it is now its time to shine.

A shadowy group tourist watch has been circulating a purported interview allegedly held with Mr Alain St Ainge Seychelles candidate who withdrew three days ago insinuating he had been arm twisted by the African Union into quitting the race on the threat of sanctions has been described as a ploy by ill-conceived private groups to destruct the world’s attention.

The reality on the ground is that the African Union a grouping of nations affiliated to the United Nations World Tourism body UNWTO exercised its prerogative to defend its resolution endorsing the candidature of Dr Mzembi.

Of the 33 voting nations, Africa is guaranteed 10 from its members and there is high chances that a further 10 votes will come Africa’s way based on the charm offensive employed by Africa’s chosen man for the job in selling his great vision of ensuring African visibility and participation in leadership positions throughout the UN and the World International System.