Africa has been urged to challenge the image imposed by the West about the continent through telling its own story.

Giving a lecturer to journalists from Zimbabwe on African images on Chinese documentaries at Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua, Chinese Professor Jingxiu Ming from the School of Cultural Creativity and Communication said while the Asian country has been portraying the continent in a positive light, it is incumbent upon the continent to tell its own story.

Africa’s rich history, mineral wealth natural resources, investment opportunities are some of the issues that the continent can unpack to the world through documentaries said Professor Ming.

China is also ready to partner Africa in producing documentaries about the continent as demand for such programmes has increased.

While the West is suspicious of Beijing’s relations with Africa, Professor Ming said the relationship is based on equality and mutual respect. 

Zimbabwe views China as its all weather friend, with the two countries continuing to work closely to strengthen economic ties.

Meanwhile, the contingent of journalists has had an opportunity to tour Jinhua Television.

Briefing journalists, the general manager of the station Chen Jian Fei spoke about the threats of new media such as the internet over traditional media and the need for television, radio and newspapers to become innovative as they risk becoming extinct.

As Zimbabwe prepares for a transition from analogue to digital TV thereby creating more channels, the local broadcaster has been challenged to promote government activities while also giving citizens a voice in the national discourse.

The regional television station has 6 TV channels, 4 radio stations, a newspapers department and a mobile app.