Ambassador Mwanananga Mawapanga

Africa will tomorrow, 25 May, commemorate 54 years of the creation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which is now the African Union (AU).

The organisation was established in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa to unite the continent and rid it of colonialism and all forms of racial discrimination.

With the full realisation of this initial goal to decolonise the continent, Africa is now in the fight for economic liberation and has crafted its industrialisation programme dubbed Agenda 2063.

The continent is in the process of setting up a continental standby force for conflict prevention, management and resolution.

In an interview in Harare today, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and DRC Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mwanananga Mawapanga said Africa has come a long way and is working hard to uplift economies, infrastructure and education.

Namibian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Balbina Daes Pieenar also hailed the successful accomplishment of the initial reason for the establishment of the OAU and implored the continent to tackle economic issues head on through Agenda 2063.

Agenda 2063 was crafted and launched during President Robert Mugabe’s AU chairmanship in 2015 and is aimed at uplifting the lives of the continent’s citizens through value addition of the abundant resources and industrialisation.