vice president mujuru 08-12-10 ed.jpgVice President, Cde Joice Mujuru, says African countries should unite and map out strategies in response to a scaled-up onslaught by neo-colonial forces which have resulted in violent removal of legitimately elected governments by rebels.

The uprisings in North Africa are a clear demonstration of the manifestation of the West’s eagerness to loot African resources while the African Union has failed to come up with interventions to save the governments.

In an interview, Vice President Mujuru said African countries should unite to wade off attempts by the West to recolonise Africa using fellow Africans.

Cde Mujuru said one of Africa’s greatest untapped resources is its young people, urging the continent to take advantage of the skills and talents of its youth to promote sustainable development.

“If young people are not positively occupied, energies are directed towards violent behaviour,” said Cde Mujuru .

African countries are facing various challenges such as poverty, high unemployment rates as well as disease.


This is worsened by Western interference as the former colonisers are making attempts to re-assert their dominance on the continent so as to exploit its vast natural resources.