libya bombings.jpgLocal political analysts and social commentators have described the recent activities of the powerful western nations in Africa as a clear indication of the resurgence of colonialism.

For many Pan-Africanists on the continent and abroad, it appears the West has agreed to rekindle the spirit of the Berlin Conference of 1884, which saw European countries greedily partitioning Africa before moving in for the kill in typical vulture style.  

While other scholars might have interpreted the disturbances in North Africa as the re-awakening of the Arab world, progressive Africans could not be blinded but clearly noticed the long greedy arm of the West quickly moving in for the kill.

Determined to get access to the continent’s resources for the sustenance of their economies in the face of the catastrophic economic recession, the West quickly seized the opportunity to re-assert its dominance over Africa.

Local analyst, Mr Joseph Nhara says evidence of the resurgence of colonialism has been demonstrated on the continent with the West literally replacing African leaders seen as stumbling blocks with puppets who will not question the plunder of the continent’s resources.

“Western powers are using money to fund political parties, individuals and organisations to pursue a certain agenda and form rebel groups to fight legitimate governments,” Mr Nhara said.

Nhara added that Africa has to reorganise and restructure to prepare itself for the new wave of colonialism or risk having the continent being transformed into an extension of western countries foreign policies.

Local academic, Tichaona Zinhumwe said the history of imperialism by Western countries remains the same as long as demand for raw materials from developing countries remains unfulfilled.

He therefore urged African leaders to be on the lookout for new neo-colonialist tactics by the West to plunder African resources.

In a matter of hours after Tripoli fell to NATO forces, French President, Nicholas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister, David Cameron landed in the Libyan capital to share the spoils with France, which led the campaign, demanding the larger piece of the Libyan cake-oil.

In Cote d’Ivoire, France has continued to exert its influence and recently imposed its choice of President Alassane Quattara, following an inconclusive election result.

Western countries are experiencing turmoil in their economies, a development that has seen massive job losses, company closures and other economic woes.

The EU has turned its begging bowl, cap in hand to China, the emerging world economic giant.