A local afro-centric musician has challenged upcoming musical artists to bring back the originality in the industry by playing live music saying technology has almost destroyed the art.

One can feel the emotion as she performs. One can relate as the artist showcases her talent for art as a two way communication process.


The passion is transferred and emotion is evoked, one can only undergo such a feeling when listening to live music.

Many who attended the Sean Kingston show in Harare will testify as to the boring nature of playing backtracks during music shows.


For 27 year old Sharon Ndlovu, real music is live, anything else is not original.

Sharon is into afro-centric music, for all her songs have an African feel and African origin.

Born in Bulawayo 27 years ago, Sharon started her musical journey when she was 8 at church and received a recording contract at the age of 17.

She has shared the stage with South African Musician Ringo Mandlingozi and featured on Roki and Maskiri’s song Shevedza and is currently working on a mixed tape titled Chamhembe forever which is set to be released in two weeks time.