caf logooooo.jpgFootball observers say AFCON 2013 might be an illusion for Zimbabwe if current financial woes bedevilling the game at national level are not addressed in good time.
A blatant admission that the football mother body is bankrupt and is in a US$2 million debt!


This is a confirmation of the extension of the begging bowls with no solution in sight.

Observers say this is a recipe for disaster that spells a need for all stakeholders to merge heads and work towards ensuring that Zimbabwe qualifies.

While other nations survive on government grants, a miss on the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations finals in neighbouring South Africa will mean missing a lifetime chance to grow the national game for Zimbabwe.

The finals position Zimbabwe as a lucrative and easily accessible training hub for the 16 finalists.

So come 29 February against Burundi, Zimbabwe should begin a walk of hoping this time it will not be based on false hopes.