adpa delegation leader.jpgAfrican Diamond Producers Association (ADPA) has endorsed the decision taken by the Kimberly Process Chairperson, Mr Yamba Mathieu, to allow Zimbabwe to export its diamonds without hindrance.

The ADPA delegation is in the country for a routine visit to the Chiadzwa diamond fields to ascertain improvements which have been made towards cementing the certification process of the country’s diamonds.

Briefing journalists, members of the delegation as well as Mr Mathieu and ADPA Chairperson Ms Susan Shabangu said Zimbabwe has fully complied with the KP and the Association endorses the country’s exportation of the Marange diamonds.

“We agreed that the issue of non-compliance must no longer exist, given that we have been with Zimbabwe’s full compliance of KPCS. We accept the decision that allow Zimbabwe to export and trade in diamonds. ADPA should continue to foster unity and a good working relationship in addressing the interests of African economies,” Mr Mathieu said.

The KP Chairperson gave the green light for the continued trade of country’s diamonds on the 19th of March this year.

The decision has stung Britain and her allies who have been questioning the move by the new KPCS chairperson to allow the country to sell the Marange diamonds without hindrance.

Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Cde Obert Mpofu said despite the vilification of the country’s diamond industry by westerners, ADPA has been supportive towards ensuring that the country’s diamonds are certified.

“There are some countries which are against the decision by the KPCS chair but they don’t have diamonds, they are actually customers. The decision by the KPCS brings finality to the Marange issue,” Cde Moyo said.

The ADPA delegation will tour the border posts as well as holding discussions with security companies in the area as part of the routine visits to Marange for the continued compliance of the producing mines.