congestion traffic 02.09.10.jpgStakeholders in the urban transport system say there is need for the city fathers to adopt the use of conventional buses to ease congestion as is the trend in most modern cities.

The City of Harare has been characterised by chaos which has been mostly attributed to errant commuter omnibus drivers.

Experts say there is need for a complete overhaul of the urban transportation system and come up with one that ensures mass transportation of people rather than relying on commuter omnibuses which cause chaos in the Central Business District.

Urban planning expert, Mr. Percy Toriro says no modern city relies on commuter omnibuses as this causes congestion in the central business district.

Mr. Toriro says the city should come up with a comprehensive urban transportation system that involves the use of conventional buses.

“No modern city regionally or worldwide relies on kombis to transport the masses. If the City of Harare adopts conventional buses, it will ease congestion because where there are 10 commuter omnibuses, only two buses are needed,” said Mr Toriro.

Meanwhile, the city fathers have come up with a strategic plan to establish holding points for commuter omnibuses on the outskirts of the capital.

However, there is still no plan for shuttling the travelling public to various areas in the central business district.

Commuters who were interviewed lamented the inconvenience that will be caused by the development as this will include extra costs for the people.

“It will cause inconvenience to the public as they will have to walk very long distances,” said some commuters.

Urban Transporters Association of Zimbabwe National Chairman, Mr. Wilbert Zhakata said the plan is not practical as the city does not have any means of shuttling commuters within the Central Business District.

“The plan is not practical at the moment. We have had several meetings with the city fathers on the plan and we have openly told them that it is not practical,” Mr Zhakata said.

With tens of thousands of drivers taking to the roads each day, driving in Harare during peak periods has become a nightmare, especially during the rainy season.

Experts say the only plan that is viable for the city is the adoption of conventional buses as currently the commuter omnibuses and the increasing vehicle population will mean chaos in the city.