joseph-made.jpgLocal A1 farmers have been encouraged to adopt conservation faming practices as a way of enhancing food security given the current inconsistent rainfall patterns due to climate change.

The call was made by delegates attending the on-going two day regional conservation agriculture study meeting being held in Harare which has the objective of increasing awareness on the impact of conservation agriculture among policy and decision makers within the COMESA region.


Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Dr. Joseph Made said there is need for the expansion of conservation farming in the region particularly among A1 farmers as a way of improving productivity and enhancing food security.


Minister Made said success of conservation farming hinges on cooperation from all stakeholders, from farmers to policy makers in ensuring that all mechanisms are in place for the expansion and practice of the farming method.


Conservation Agriculture is more synonymous with small holder farmers and is a way of farming that conserves soil and water while promoting sustained and improved crop yields.