His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa has officially opened the 2018 Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturers Association’s (ADMA) Mechanisation Expo in the capital today.

Speaking after touring several stands of exhibitors, President Mnangagwa said he is extremely happy with what he saw in terms of modernising agriculture which is the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy which had suffered for several years due to economic challenges.

He also said embracing technology will increase the quality and productivity in the farms that will have upstream and downstream linkages that will see Zimbabwe reclaim its bread basket status.

The importance of agricultural mechanisation is to improve agricultural production in Zimbabwe by embracing technology in agriculture to bring about efficiency and effectiveness in the long run, said ADMA president Mr Marco Garizio.

An exhibitor Mr Austin Chinyangare said the industry applauds government’s initiative known as command agriculture which has stimulated the entire agricultural sector through fostering modern mechanisation of agriculture.

ADMA also called on the government to continue supporting them through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe by facilitating the availability of foreign currency to support the sector for the continued growth of the economy as well as uplifting the socio-economic well being of citizens through the agricultural sector.