chinamasa patrick justice.jpgThe Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, has called on the Human Rights Council (HRC) to play a positive, constructive and balanced role when addressing all human rights issues.

He was addressing the 19th regular session of the HRC in Geneva, Switzerland.

Cde Chinamasa said Zimbabwe is concerned that some of the sessions were all but a cover for settling purely political scores with the aim of achieving the illegal regime change agenda.

He singled out the current Syrian crisis saying it requires diplomacy, dialogue and international cooperation taking full cognisance of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

Cde Chinamasa said the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West are a blatant violation of human rights for Zimbabweans especially their right to development.

He condemned the double standards of the International Criminal Court which he said lacks impartiality as the majority of people who have been dragged to the court are Africans and a few East Europeans.

Cde Chinamasa said people who have committed crimes against humanity are not brought before the ICC.  

He also said the issue of homosexuality is alien to Zimbabwean culture and the African people as enunciated in the Kampala Declaration.