adb logo.jpgThe African Development Bank (ADB) private sector team is in Zimbabwe to have talks with the government and industry on opening investment into productive sectors.  

The 10-member team is targeting long term finance for agriculture, trade sector, finance, mining, construction, tourism, among other sectors.                         

ADB Division Manager Mr Richard Ofori says a decision on financing local projects will be made soon.                       

“We are in Zimbabwe to see for ourselves what needs to be done,” said Mr Ofori.          

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya     says the rise in production and consumption in the economy has created huge demand for foreign currency that can also be sustained by the ADB private sector team.,

“We are really concerned with growing the economy which needs all of us to act,” said Dr Mangudya.                                        

The ADB has identified the private sector as an important area of focus to reduce poverty and sustainable growth in developing economies.