vp mujuru zimra 30.09.11.pngActing President Joice Mujuru has commended the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) for its role in ensuring the realisation of sustainable economic development and self reliance, in spite of the illegal embargo imposed on the country by the west to cripple the economy.

Cde Mujuru made the remarks while addressing captains of industry, representatives of customs authorities from regional countries and government officials gathered for ZIMRA’s 10th anniversary celebrations and launch of the Taxpayer Appreciation Day in Harare.

Cde Mujuru hailed ZIMRA saying its revenue mobilisation has enabled the government to function properly in spite of the non-availability of lines of credit and balance of payment support from institutions such as the IMF and World Bank.


“Mobilisation of resources by our revenue collector has helped us to rebuild our nation following the devastating economic depression we suffered in previous years. We have even managed to provide a salary adjustment for our civil servants although more still needs to be done in this regard,” she said.

Cde Mujuru emphasised government’s commitment in ensuring that the authority effectively administers its mandate of collecting revenue for the country.

She also alluded to recent fiscal reforms such as the introduction of value-added tax (VAT) which has resulted in an increase of the tax base and enhanced revenue collection.

However, Cde Mujuru castigated citizens who are fuelling corruption saying even ZIMRA operations have not been spared from the scourge.


“Corruption is one of the major challenges affecting our country and ZIMRA’s operations are not spared from the scourge,” Cde Mujuru added.

ZIMRA Commissioner-General Geshom Pasi thanked the government for its support for the past 10 years that the authority has been operational.

He also narrated the humble beginnings to the state of-the-art freight terminal and border equipment that is now in place at the country’s border posts.


“It is the shared vision that would be anchored by an all round commitment where each member allowed for the outpouring of everything that God had deposited into them for the fulfillment of their purpose while they remained with the organisation,” said Commissioner-Gen Pasi.

vp mujuru zimra1.pngThe merging of the taxes, customs and excise departments saw the formation of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority in September 2001.


ZIMRA has since widened its line of business and now collects toll gate fees, insurance premiums and royalties on minerals.

Meanwhile, some companies which have demonstrated unwavering compliance with ZIMRA guidelines and contributions to the overall monthly revenue collection were also honoured at the 10th anniversary celebrations.

Customs officials and commissioner generals from other countries in the region also graced the occasion.