vp nkomo with diplomats 17-08-10.jpgOutgoing Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Sten Rylander says he is saddened by the continued existence of the illegal sanctions that were imposed on the country by the West, despite significant progress that has been made by the inclusive government in the implementation of the global political agreement.


Mr Rylander made the remarks after bidding farewell to Acting President John Nkomo at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.


“I think the government has made significant progress in addressing the outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement.


“There is no reason why sanctions should be mainlined on this country,” he said.


Asked on whether he will lobby for the removal of sanctions when he goes back home, Mr Rylander was rather evasive, but said the temporary disengagement of the MDC-T from the government last October dealt a heavy blow on the engagements between Zimbabwe and the European Union, which was under the presidency of his country as communication was disrupted.


He said: “We were the president of the European Union last year and the disengagement of MDC-T from government affected the process of discussions on the issue of sanctions.”


Pakistani Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Syed Zulfiqur Ali Shar who also paid a courtesy call on Cde Nkomo said his county has been devastated by the floods which have affected more than 18 million people, while 3 million children have been affected by water-borne diseases.


He said international aid is coming in slowly but the country needs help in almost all sectors.


“The floods have really affected my people and Cde Nkomo expressed government’s sympathy on the issue of floods.


“We are receiving aid from the international community but the pace is very slow,” said Mr Shar. 


Last to call on Cde Nkomo was the Indonesian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Eddy Poerwana who said discussions are underway on the establishment of the Joint Commission between the two countries which would stipulate the various areas of cooperation.


He said: “We had fruitful discussions with the Acting President, but the major issue has been the need to establish a Joint Commission between the two countries.”