mining float.jpgEmpowerment lobby groups have called on government to stand firm and act on mining companies that are using dirty tricks in an attempt to evade the indigenisation and empowerment process.


The call by the pressure groups follows revelations that some mining firms have made proposals to government to repay them for some community development projects, while others have been accused of offering shares to a few select individuals, who will be used as fronts for the foreign owned firms.


Affirmative Action Group (AAG) Chief Executive Officer, Dr Davison Gomo said this development will only empower just a few individuals, who are already empowered, defies the whole logic of the principles that guide the empowerment process.


“How can they propose to empower people who are already empowered? We, as AAG, strongly condemn such machinations. Empowerment shall be directed right from the grass roots going upwards,” Dr Gomo said.


Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs Youth Action (ZEYA) President, Mr Munyaradzi Kashambe said mining firms should not be the ones to determine the ownership structure and allocation of controlling stakes in their firms, saying this should be the duty of government appointed stakeholders in the indigenisation drive.


“These companies have shown that they are not faithful. Now is the time for the indigenisation and empowerment board to come up with the roadmap on behalf of these companies to make sure that all interested groups are well represented,” he said.


The indigenisation and empowerment law was enacted in 2008 by the government with the aim of empowering indigenous Zimbabweans, who for years had been disadvantaged due to the skewed colonial policies.