Proper management of finances within local sporting bodies remains a contentious issue, as the Sports and Recreation Commission grapples with how to instill good corporate governance.

Since the putting in place of the SRC board led by Gerald Mlotshwa, there has been friction between the SRC and national sport associations such as football and rugby mainly due to issues surrounding accountability and transparency.

While national sports associations appear to be getting a measure of protection from international federations which they fall under, Titus Zvomuya who is a course facilitator for the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee Advanced Sports Management Diploma and a member of the SRC board, highlights the need for accountability and transparency in sport.

“We have a big problem in our sport when it comes to how finances are handled. You find that there is no clear dileneation of roles. One person is given so many responsibilities in terms of signing for the release of money as well as the purchasing of goods. There is the need for transparency and accountability for our sport to prosper”, said Zvomuya.

Transparency and accountability are some of the fundamental areas which have given rise to a love hate relationship between the Sports and Recreation Commission and national sport associations.

As good governance in sport comes under the spotlight, prudent financial practices are deemed to be at the core of ensuring sport is run in a viable manner.