chawasarira bus accident.pngThe government has offered US$375 each to the bereaved families of people who perished in an accident involving Chawasarira and Lofombo buses.

The accident claimed 20 lives along the Harare/Bulawayo road on Thursday morning.

The assistance is meant to help the bereaved families meet the funeral expenses.

The government has however called on travellers in public transport to take charge of their safety by reporting speeding and reckless drivers to the police.

In an interview with ZBC News, the Acting Minister for Local Government Urban and Rural Development, Dr Joseph Made said there should be continuous campaigns to instill a culture of road safety, adding that his ministry has initiated a consultative process among relevant stakeholders to seek durable interventions to curb the carnage.

“Drivers should take extra caution on the roads and passengers should report all the public transport operators who wilfully flout the law by over speeding and overloading the vehicles,” said Dr Made.

The accident comes barely a month after 21 other people perished in a horrific road accident in Hatcliff.