accident3.jpgSeven people died while 25 were injured when a coaster commuter omnibus encrouched the lane of an oncoming heavy vehicle.


The fatal accident happened on the flyover of Simon Mazorodze, in a clear case of carelessness and negligence by commuter omnibus drivers.

Eye-witnesses said the commuter omnibus was speeding and the driver lost control of the vehicle at the curve of the flyover, encroaching into the lane of an oncoming lorry.

Commuter omnibus drivers blamed their employers who set targets for them as they are always rushing to meet the set target.

Police Spokesperson, Chief Superintendant Oliver Mandipaka, castigated drivers for not valuing human life and urged motorists to take heed of police advice to exercise extreme caution on the roads.

To date, 14 people have died road accidents countrywide since November 15th.

Meanwhile, two people escaped by a whisker when their vehicle was hit by a train in Lyton industries. The two dramatically jumped of their vehicle, which was caught up in a traffic jam upon realising a collision was imminent.