In the aftermath of the July 30 polls which saw President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa winning the presidential vote with Zanu PF also clinching the majority vote in the national assembly, a call has been made for the losing candidates to accept the results so that the incoming government can start delivering on its election promises.

Political analyst Mr Methuseli Moyo says the election fever is now over and the results are known to all and all what is left is for the President-elect to start walking the talk on delivering on his election promises following his victory.

“Every person needs a good life, a paying job, good income and health so the President has to focus in line with his manifesto. He has to engage the international community and ensure that investors come and put into action his development agenda. Now that he has been given the mandate by the people, he has all the support to ensure that his vision comes to fruition,” said Mr Moyo.

Mr Moyo says President Mnangagwa was clear on what his vision for the country is and now that he has the full mandate from the people, he has to ensure that his re-engagement strategy becomes more effective with investors to start working with Zimbabwe.

To the losing candidates, Moyo says in any election there are always winners and losers, hence those that may not have achieved success should be gracious and should feel free to contribute their ideas in the governance of the country.

“Those that have lost must accept defeat and acknowledge that Mnangagwa won the polls and if they want to contribute to government they must avail themselves but first they must accept defeat and be humble,” he added.

The President-elect is on record saying Zimbabwe must leap-frog other countries and become a middle income economy by 2030.

He has also said that he is ready to implement the devolution of power constitutional provision to empower provinces.