Pakistan says the abuse of social media can be managed through the enacting of legislation that addresses such challenges.

This comes as Pakistan and Zimbabwe are mooting cooperation in the field of media, education and information communication technology (ICT).

Pakistan Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Riaz Bukhari met with the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Chris Mushohwe to discuss on the possible areas of cooperation with the view of furthering the existing social economic relations.

The Pakistan Ambassador said his county has put in place legislation to deal with cyber security and promotion of development through technology.

Dr Mushohwe said banning freedom of speech might not be the best way to curb abuse of the cyber space.

“Educating citizens on the need to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the country would be the best way of reasoning that attacking your country on social media is detriment to development,” he said.

The two have also discussed on the possibility of training programmes between the two countries.

Pakistan is viewed as one of the best countries with excellent aviation industry and the partnership will enhance technical training.