phillip-chiyangwa 04.04.11.jpgThe Affirmative Action Group, AAG has vowed to reaffirm its position as one of the key drivers of the economic empowerment drive after a resolve to reinvigorate the body was made by the founding fathers.


Following the recent removal of the AAG executive from office and the subsequent takeover by the founding fathers of the empowerment body, a number of changes have been put in place to enable the organ to regain its former position.

AAG Founding President, Mr Philip Chiyangwa who has since taken over the running of the organisation with other founding members said, the decision to take over the reigns was in line with reinvigorating the body whilst ensuring that the founding principles are maintained.

Mr Chiyangwa also expressed optimism at the prospects of the empowerment body gaining momentum during the forthcoming year, and took the opportunity to unveil an award for the lifetime achievement in business which he was awarded recently.

The Affirmative Action Group was recently embroiled in ownership wrangles which saw the entire leadership led by former AAG Chairman, Super Mandiwanzira being expelled over alleged mismanagement and the founding members took it upon themselves to revive the entity.