spar groombridge.jpgThe case in which a white manager assaulted a fellow black manager at The Bridge Spar at Groombridge Shopping Centre in Harare has taken a new twist, with the Affirmative Action Group calling for stiffer action against the manager, Mr. Britton Cattle and other racists who want to take the law into their own hands 31 years after independence.

The attack on Brighton Mushonga last month left him with a dislocated shoulder.

AAG Group Chief Executive, Mr. Davison Gomo, says the indigenous group is not taking the issue lightly as it views the matter as serious act of racism.

“We have already engaged the Spar management and we told them frankly that the victim has not only suffered a dislocation, but we are going engage a psychologist to assess the degree of injury as we feel that the young black manager has also been traumatised by the attack which we understand took place in front of workmates.

“So we cannot allow racism to rear its ugly head again,” said Mr. Gomo, adding that the AGG warns other white entrepreneurs that the group will not leave any stone unturned in issues to do with racism.

Narrating his ordeal off-camera, Mushonga, who is the only black manager out of the seven whites at the Bridge Spar, said sometime last month he was called by Mrs. Cattle to assist her after she allegedly failed to balance her stocks.

He said it was after he asked Mr. Cattle’s wife to collect a corrected copy from the printer that he was grabbed and banged to the wall resulting in him dislocating his shoulder.

While the case is being investigated by police, observers feel that it is high time the AAG and other indigenisation youth groups united and started taking the fight to racists like Mr. Cattle who want to turn Harare into a small England.