The Affirmative Action Group (AAG)’s new national executive committee has re-affirmed its commitment to ensure the total empowerment of the black indigenous citizenry of the country in line with governments’ indigenisation and economic empowerment drive.

This emerged during the first AAG executive meeting held in Harare this Sunday to chat the way forward after leadership wrangles had rendered the empowerment group dysfunctional.

The meeting also gave chairpersons from the provincial chapters an opportunity to express their sentiments regarding progress in their areas.

AAG’s President, Mr Keith Guzah expressed great concern at the continued derailing of the national empowerment effort by some sectors of government and said AAG will give the issue the priority it deserves.

Mr Guzah also said he is deeply concerned by the continued violation of the country’s indigenisation laws by foreigners who are clinging to reserved sectors of the economy like the retail sector.

He therefore pledged to redress the situation, while engaging government on areas of economic concern in the near future.

The squabbles that bedevilled the local empowerment lobby group, which saw Mr Themba Mliswa forming a splinter group, are said to be a thing of the past with no consequence to the running of the organisation.