Inmates at Ingutsheni Hospital could soon be getting world class treatment and rehabilitation as the Moses Mpofu Foundation is entering a deal with an Indian firm for the procurement of drugs and providing expertise towards the treatment of the mental patients.

Ingutsheni Hospital has been facing a number of problems of late but government and other stakeholders have come to the rescue of the institution with a view to assist some mental patients housed at the institution.

Speaking to ZBC News after making a donation of drugs worth over US$3000, Mr Moses Mpofu who is the brains behind the foundation said his passion for mental patients grew when his late mother was diagnosed with a mental problem when he was still young.

One of the inmates thanked Mr Mpofu for his kind gesture while calling upon the corporate world to spare a thought for their challenges.

Earlier this year, a number of mental patients started to develop some violent behaviour as Ingutsheni Hospital ran out of drugs, but the situation seem to be under control after government disbursed some funding towards operations for the mental institution.