The parking area behind Rufaro Stadium was a sea of colour as scores of Zanu PF supporters waited patiently for the march in solidarity with the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe that would end at the Zanu PF headquarters to commence.

Most of the supporters were clad in party regalia which highlighted the sheer artistry of those who had designed the outfits.

While many of the Zanu PF supporters decided to take shelter from the sun, many of them were huddled in groups, the obvious air of anticipation etched on their faces.

As with many such occasions, the singing of revolutionary songs as well as dances was the order of the day.

As the time for the march drew nearer, the supporters like worker bees converged in the middle of the car park where the route of the march was outlined.

After the instructions had been given by the Zanu PF leadership, it was time to commence the march and many of those in attendance jostled to be part of the leading pack, so that they would have their moment on television when the story was aired.

Some of the marchers sang as they walked briskly towards the Zanu PF headquarters with the journey taking them into Rotten Row road.

Traffic came to a standstill as the Zanu PF supporters for a time laid siege to Rotten Row road.

From a vantage point, one marvelled at the sea of colour as well as the unity of purpose that characterised the march in solidarity with the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe.