the team.jpgA new television series, ‘The Team’, which merges the global appeal of football with drama to help transform social attitudes and diminish violent behaviour in African countries, has been officially launched in the capital.


The Team, which is already showing on ZBC TV, is a drama series that tackles a host of issues including age, sex, social, economic and inter-generational differences and the importance of team work.

Speaking at the official launch in Harare, the producer of the series, Mrs Eunice Njovana, said ‘The Team’ has a cast of experienced actors and scriptwriters drawn from Kenya, Morocco, Cote d’Ivoire, Nepal and Zimbabwe.

Director, Rumbi Katedza said the series reaches out to individuals, organisations, governments and societies on how to respond to their differences in non-adversarial approaches.

The television series also seek to educate Zimbabweans about peace building and healing, while demonstrating that enjoying peace is both achievable and desirable.

The drama is currently showing on ZBC TV on Fridays at 1930 hours and has already generated a lot of interest across various age groups.

The launch was attended by stakeholders in the film industry who included ZBC officials, actors, producers and members of Search for Common Ground Non-Governmental Organisation, who co-produced the drama series.