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Chitungwiza man earns himself “GPS” nickname

A Chitungwiza man Panganai Shumba has astonished many with a remarkable memory that enables him to give directions to any destination in Chitungwiza. Life has over the years been made easy by the development of a global positioning system (GPS), a system designed to assist human kind arrive at a desired destination. For one seeking to arrive at a given destination in Chitungwiza the use of GPs is not a necessity for one resident Shumba widely regarded as a GPS himself. Shumba who has lived in Chitungwiza for 15 years knows all the roads in the residential suburb, a...

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Cultivating weeds, most painful times

Experiences on the field during farming moments are not pleasant due to the workload involved.  For many villagers that time of cultivating weeds is the most painful. In a farming season there are very gruelling experiences but probably none beats the time when one has got to pick up the hoe and go into their field. It’s a package that just doesn’t come easily and one that can safely rate above many a gym workout. One bends all the way till they feel the heat on their backs. Cultivating weeds using the hoe is a process unavoidable for many...

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Funeral flowers business thriving on tears

 Profiteering is the ultimate aim of any business. Sometimes there is no emotional consideration for the public as businessmen search for the elusive dollar. There are businesses that are built on unique. The business of funeral is one such concept. A couple of people who are in the business say they really thought about it but of course this kind of business has its ups and downs considering the fact that it is at its peak whether there is a death or anything that has to do with death. Mrs Leticia Ruzururo of Zvishavane said she and her husband...

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Schools opening: A captivating moment

The first day of school is a moment that has faded away from many’s memory reserves but a visit to local schools on the opening day of the 2018 school calendar revealed the harsh realities of the day that often places teachers into a dual role of mentor and parent while for most school beginners the tears and confusion says it all. Day one at school for most beginners provides a captivating moment for a good movie shoot. The excitement might have been there during the purchase of new uniforms but that excitement was no longer evident as reality...

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Valley of the Giants: A magnificent feature of Chirinda Forest

The Valley of the Giants in Chirinda Forest, Chipinge remains one of the country’s majestic sceneries that continue to attract foreign tourists and presents a pleasant jungle for all sections of the society including those into film industry to come up with unique productions. Former American president, Franklin Roosevelt once said, ‘forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people’. Such is how important is Chirinda Forest botanical reserve in Chipinge situated between 900 and 1200 metres in altitude which is also the source of three rivers namely the zona, chinyika...

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