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Dapote trailor, a centre of bizarre

Truth or fiction, judge for yourself but the community in Dapote village Hwange is convinced there is an invisible man believed to be jealously guarding a trailor that was left behind some five years ago. A breakdown at a bus stop known as “ko- mc gyver” in Dapote Hwange by a motorist in 2013, saw the motorist allegedly leaving behind a trailor he was drawing. Today the trailor has become the centre of bizarre as the community alleges anyone who dare tempers with it, is met with instant retribution. The narrative alleges after the breakdown, the owner assigned two...

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Rural people relive independence struggle

It is often said that independence did not come on a silver platter. This saying must not be mistaken applied to freedom fighters alone but also to the ordinary people who were monitored by the Rhodesian army to see that they never cooperate with their black brothers in their quest for the liberation of the country. If there are people that felt the pain of the liberation struggle in any part of the country, it is the villagers who lived in hot spots. They constantly had unwanted and uninvited visitors who often went away after inflicting pain on them....

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Biblioburro: The amazing donkey libraries of Colombia

Travelling with his two loyal donkeys, Alfa and Beto, Luis Soriano has been spreading the joy of reading to children in rural Colombian communities for over 20 years. Luis Soriano was a Spanish teacher in rural La Gloria Colombia. Concerned that his students had no access to books at home, he decided to do something about it. By adapting the packsaddles of his two donkeys, Alfa and Beto, from carrying water to carrying books, Luis created a makeshift mobile library and set off to take his books to children who otherwise wouldn’t have access to reading materials. With that...

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The sacredness of Great Zim monuments

The Great Zimbabwe monuments, dzimba dzemabwe, from where the country derives her name remain a tourist attraction, with thousands coming through to view the stone works every year.  But beyond the stone work, this place is believed to be home to the country’s ancestral spirits and a lot of sacred happenings used to take place here. For a place that harbours the history and foundations of this country’s civilisation, one cannot begin to imagine the secrets that these stones carry. Great Zimbabwe ruins The battles fought here, the trade, the secrets of the great kings and queens and their...

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Gogo Dinha marks 101 years

She has lived through many generations, seen the development of the Zimbabwean nation from its infancy stages and today still survives to celebrate the greatest gift from heaven at 101 years. In 1917, she gave her first cry signalling her entry into the world. Named Evelyn Manhari at birth, meaning “wished for child”, the then little girl was a marvel to her parents pulling out stints which not many would dare perform.  One of her most revered stints was cycling on a bicycle with a bucket full of water on her head top, something which even this writer with all his well pronounced excellence on the two wheeled cycle would not dare to pull off. In later years, the girl would mature and get married to the now deceased Lawson Dinha giving birth to a number of daughters who bear testimony to their mother as a hardworking woman, loved and respected by many. Saturday the 10th of April 2018 marked 101 years since the birth of Gogo Dinha, Marking a gap of exactly 65 years and ten days with this reporter.  Although her hearing is now a bit affected, one of the most outstanding features of her age is her ability to walk.  Even more amazing is her memory to the period that she was delivered. At 101 years, she is just 21 years shy to, and with God’s...

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