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Govt to establish Mopani Worm Processing Centre

About 107 women in Matshiloni area in Beitbridge East constituency are set to benefit from the establishment of a $100 000 Mopani Worm Processing Centre. The project is part of government efforts to transform the livelihoods of communities through sustainable exploitation of their natural resources. Mopani worms are not only a source for protein for many rural communities in Matabeleland South Province but most women are sustaining their families from selling the edible caterpillars to various markets. The growth of this industry has seen the government through funding from the African Development Bank and technical support from the International...

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Calls for a transformed management system of animals

Communal livestock farmers remain a poor lot owing to their failure to understand the livestock grading system which is the benchmark in marketing animals. Hungry in the land of plenty is indeed a reality to farmers in the livestock sector as they remain poor simply because they have failed to master the art of grading animals, a key system in the cattle action market. While the political leaders especially in the Matabeleland have been vocal on the prices that farmers are getting for their animals, they however have missed the point completely by failing to identify the real problem...

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Chiwundura women, youths thrive on poultry projects

Women and youths from Chiwundura constituency testify to improved livelihoods on the back of a thriving poultry project that has guaranteed income for these groups. In developing nations, women and youths occupy the bottom ladder of empowerment moreso for the vulnerable women living in communal areas. Within this context, a number of projects have been crafted to accommodate those living outside the economic advantage bracket. Among some of the successful ventures that have improved income for women and youths is poultry farming. Lived successes in the Midlands Province testify to this success which was made possible through the support...

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Lack of technology hinders bee keeping productivity

The absence of new technologies is preventing the local bee-keeping industry, from generating large sums of revenue from honey as the majority of the farmers are producing less than ten products out of a possible 300. Honey is well known for its medicinal qualities which have been proved to cure a number of ailments such as asthma and chest complications. However, due to absence of high tech processing plants, the capacity of local farmers is heavily affected as they are failing to meet the demand from hotels, pharmacies and supermarkets. A local farmer Mr Lot Mumpande has teamed up...

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Measles hit cattle in Bulawayo

A leading meat processing firm in Bulawayo says most animals from communal farmers are being condemned and destroyed at slaughter point as they are infected with measles due to poor hygiene and farmers are losing a lot of money. A health environment remains critical in livestock farming and farmers have been reminded of the importance of a hygienic environment to prevent diseases such as measles in animals that has cost farmers thousands of dollars as more than 10 percent of animals that are sold as direct slaughter have been found to be infected with measles. An official of the...

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