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The scourge of substance abuse

By Brian Mutembedza Since the beginning of recorded history many people have had serious problems with drug and substance abuse, the trend seems to persist up to the present day and the prospects of it surpassing the past and the present is high in the near future. The most common addictive drug of all has been alcohol, its acceptability to many societies and it being readily available makes it top the scores. When any society experiences hardships the likelihood of its people, especially the young, opting to engage in abuse of drugs is high. Stress is a major stimulus...

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Unlocking the potential of youth through innovation

By Bishow Parajuli Zimbabwe is a nation of young people, and it makes the case for being its most vibrant, most innovative and more exciting. It’s young and resilient professionals and business acumen have smashed stereotypes and put their mark in the world. Its lawyers, human rights advocates, writers and poets are inspiring the world with their beauty of prose and strength of soul. Its actors, to just mention the elegant, intelligent and smart Danai Jekesai Gurira – Army General of Wakanda in the record breaking Black Panther film, are pushing new boundaries and conquering hearts. Young women and...

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Spare a thought for street children

By Patson Gumbo As one drives along Samora Machel Avenue from Eastlea right up to the Showgrounds it has become a daily trend that at robots he/she will be greeted by young children asking for help. As if it’s not enough, driving towards the Western suburbs as you reach Marimba robots in Belvedere again the situation is synonymous with that of the Central Business District; young boys, street children perhaps, asking for as little as 10 cents, one wonders if it is to buy food. Over the past few months Zimbabwe has seen a rise of children, we can’t...

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Mugabe’s cash demand exposes his duplicity

By Tafara Shumba Former President Robert Mugabe’s recent weird demand of cash payment for his monthly pension of more than $13 000 and his pension lump sum of nearly half a million, has exposed his egocentricity which could be a major factor that took Zimbabwe to the current quagmire. The revelation that, while he was President of Zimbabwe, Mr Mugabe has been receiving monthly cash payments of $20 000, further exposes a different Mugabe from the one that the nation used to highly regard and esteem with utmost veneration. Little was it known that the old man was an...

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Attempts for Mugabe’s 2nd coming a lost cause

By Tafara Shumba  Whenever a leopard wants to eat its own kid, it first accuses it of smelling like a goat.  Former Minister of State for Mashonaland East Provincial affairs, Retired Brigadier General, Ambrose Mutinhiri has lived up to this adage. Mutinhiri resigned from both Zanu PF and the National Assembly where he was Marondera East legislator on a Zanu PF ticket. He cited the way that former President Robert Mugabe and the G40 cabal were ousted from power in November last year. According to Mutinhiri, Cde Mugabe was dethroned through a coup d’état. Thus, in other words, his...

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